Scale Network meets CryptoCurve&Intellos @ Wanchain Europe Tour, Zurich [27.07.2018]

On the presentation of Wanchain, we had the chance to listen to four upcoming ICOs launching on their ecosystem, two with which we were pleasantly surprised: CryptoCurve & Intellos. CryptoCurve is building a universal wallet on Wanchain, which will be able to host a numerous amount of coins and tokens in one wallet. Just with one click of a button, it will be possible to resolve the portfolio held into ETH or Bitcoin. The revolutionary approach has impressed us and we had a very interesting discussion with Xander and Andy from CryptoCurve about their project. The second one which caught our attention was Intellos, Christopher and Julian. They are looking to implement Coin Traded Funds as well as a platform for trading algorithms. Thank you very much for being here guys!

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Author: Roman Horber

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