Tomorrow’s Future @HWZ 3rd Oct.2019 by Scale Network [25.10.2019]

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A great event
On October 3rd, we had the honour to host our third event already in the beautiful space of the HWZ Alumni Auditorium. We had four speakers lined up with exciting topics around AI and digitalization, giving an outlook how the future could look like with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Here are they key take aways:


Efi Pylarinou (
First and foremost, a big thanks to Efi who moderated the event. She is a seasoned Wall Street professional who has grown into a global Fintech influencer. She is involved in building bridges between the old and the new financial world. She speaks frequently on Blockchain and Capital markets trends. It was a pleasure to have her on the event!


The speakers
We had four very exciting speakers at the event with interesting questions from the audience, who created an interactive exchange of knowledge between the audience and the presenters. Lets dive into it


Roger Gatti (
Roger Gatti has over 20 years of experience in medium-sized companies in various industries (e.g. e-Commerce, Travel, Fintech) and has worked for large enterprises such as Swisscom and Google. As Chief Product Officer of 1plusX he is responsible for the product strategy and the product portfolio. Through his presentations he gave us amazing insights on how AI can be used to shape and form digital online marketing in the print media and for which processes AI can be used to effectively target the audience that you want.


Raphi See (
Holochain, a scalable, agent-centric distributed computing platform. Holochain successfully launched in May 2018 and is to date the Nr. 38 cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap. Raphi gave insights on how we can move beyond blockchain, how technology is evolving and how everybody can truly live in a decentralized system where wealth is being distributed amongst Ledger Technology. Furthermore, he explained how apps can be built on Holochain, and how everybody can use them via peer-to-peer.


Steffen Konrath (AI Suisse)
Steffen Konrath is the founder of LIQUID NEWSROOM and Co-Founder of evAI. With his large community AI Suisse Steffen drives Switzerland’s initiative towards artificial intelligence. He held various management positions developing mobile solutions, digital products and business models. His research and product development focusses on applying predictive and AI technology in the newsroom environment. With great examples such as self driving cars, walking robots and facial recognition, he demonstrated that AI can be a strong partner for real life use cases.


Daniel Döller (
Daniel provided us with two real case examples where blockchain was and will be introduced. He was responsible for the departments Energy Services, Digital Banking & Growth as well as evaluation and implementation of the blockchain technology at the Austrian Post. In the meantime, he has joined forces with other partners to form the Nobile International Group, which helps both companys and start-ups with all growth issues and acts as a venture builder. He explained in a simple way, what challenges can be faced when applying new technology to business and what the different angles are how to successfully reach your goal.


With over 80 participants attending the event, it was a huge success! We want to thank each and everyone for attending.


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Event Partner: MoreThanDigital

Event Partner: Alumni HWZ

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Author: Jascha Kraehenbuehl

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