Scale Network meets Edenchain @Trust Square, Zurich

Scale Network meets Edenchain @Trust Square, Zurich

On Thursday, 20 June 2018, Roman & Yannick from Scale Network had the chance to meet-up with Edenchain’s very own Kenneth Lee and Aaron Tay from Byzantine Partners. During the meet-up, Edenchain’s CSO Kangho Kim held a presentation about the key business developments and also outlined their plans in terms of business expansion and strategy.

With their unique private permissioned ecosystem, they encourage blockchain adoption by enterprises through the platform. Use-cases go from commercial dealing in the music industry, protecting confidentiality of artists through to the logistic sector as well as newly integrated secure on-chain and off-chain interoperability.

It was a pleasure to meet the Edenchain team and we were impressed and inspired by their dedication and drive.

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Author: Roman Horber

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