• #tomorrowsfuture

  • #tomorrowsfuture

3rd October 2019


“Building tomorrow’s future with DLT, blockchain and AI. Technologies that will revolutionize the world we are in. join us with an evening on a journey to… tomorrow’s future!”

Potential topics
Depending on the availability of speakers, topics can garn around AI,
DLT, blockchain and new innovative ways of doing things… in other
words “emerging technologies”.

Confirmed speakers


Daniel Döller

Daniel will provide us with two real case examples where blockchain was and will be introduced.

About Daniel:

Daniel was responsible for the departments “Energyservices”, “Digital Banking & Growth” as well as evaluation and implementation of the blockchain technology of Austrian Post. In the meantime, he has joined forces with other partners to form the Nobile International Group, which helps both corporates and start-ups with all growth issues and acts as a venture builder. He designed and implemented the world’s first Blockchain stamp (Crypto Stamp) and established DLT at Austrian Post. In addition, he is one of the founding members of “Blockchain Austria”.


Steffen Konrath

Steffen will talk about use cases and applications within the industry for AI.

About Steffen:

Steffen Konrath is the founder of LIQUID NEWSROOM and Co-Founder of evAI. With AI Suisse Steffen drives Switzerland’s largest community with a focus on artificial intelligence. Before Steffen hold various management positions developing mobile, digital products and business models. His research and product development focusses on applying predictive and AI technology in newsroom environments.


Raphi See & Holochain

About Raphi: Raphi is exploring the future of sustainable and scalable socioeconomic systems in a search for practical solutions. Since early 2018, he is part of the global Holochain community and co-organizer of the local community in Zürich.

About Holochain: Holochain is a scalable framework to build truly distributed peer to peer applications. Each app can be fully adapted in regard to security and redundancy of the data. The built-in interoperability between each app fosters a constantly growing and evolving ecosystem.


Roger Gatti

Roger will show us how artificial intelligence #AI contributes to success from data management to decision making. Also, we would like to give you a short brief on Roger: Roger Gatti has over 20 years of experience in and medium-sized companies in various industries (e.g. e-Commerce, Travel, Fintech) and for large enterprises such as Swisscom and Google. As Chief Product Officer of 1plusX he is responsible for the product strategy and the product portfolio.


Moderator – to be announced soon



Event format
3-4 presentations of 15-20 minutes each
Networking & Apero

Sihlhof, HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich
Lagerstrasse 5, 8004 Zürich

03. October 2019 – 18:30

Get ready for one of Zurich’s most exciting event this year!