Mina Medic

Mina is an experienced software developer with knowledge about web development and mobile application technologies. She is interested in software security which is part of her current research at doctoral studies.

Jovana Micic

Jovana is a software engineer with experience in web development, machine learning and Internet of Things. Currently working on the project “Security Analysis of Ripple Consensus” as a part of her master thesis.

Katarina Preradov

Katarina holds the Master degree in Computer Science and currently is doing research in the field of cyber security as a part of her doctoral studies. She is an experienced full stack developer in different domains.


Project Support

You are struggling with defining customer requirements? Do not know how to organize and plan your software project? We can help. Our team will help you to plan, implement, monitor and control your project.


We offer you our expertise in developing a different kind of web, desktop, and mobile applications. Our programmers are experienced Java, Python and C# developers with knowledge about different kind of databases and frameworks.


Our testing services verify that each of your software application’s functions operates in conformance with their behavioral requirement specifications, ensuring quality. We offer you full project testing in order to ensure the proper functionality of your project.

Project and Resources Management

Managing your team and resources without a proper plan or tool can be a total nightmare. We are here to help. With our experience using agile techniques, we can improve your working flow, project management and resources acquisition.

Security checks

Don’t risk your product’s success, your brand reputation, and losing your customers’ data and information. Let us do the security check of your product in order to ensure it is protected. Don’t leave security to chance.

Code Review

Our expert will provide constructive comments on how to improve the overall quality of your code. We help you improve tests, improve the maintainability of code and ensure you maintain a consistent style. Because code quality matters.


You have a product but you don’t know how to launch it to the big world of the Internet? Let us help you. We will support you in deployment and all accompanying processes in order to share your application with world.